1.0 Installation of COSAOS

1.1 Installation of DJGPP

To install DJGPP simply run installdjgpp.bat (note that you may be asked to type your system's administrator password).

1.2 Installation of the project

To install this project follow these steps:

  1. Copy the COSAOS folder in  your desktop.
  2. Drug and drop the link to the project in your desktop.

2.0 Working with COSAOS

2.1 Opening the project

To open the project double-click the shortcut you have moved into your desktop. If you have Visual Studio or Visual C++ 2010 installed the project will open. If Visual Studio cant open the project you probably do not have the 2010 version installed.

2.2 A look at the project

  • These are the most important files of the project:
  • main.c -> This is the main source file. It contains a function named "main()" which is the main entry point of the kernel.
  • console.h -> Contains functions for printing on the screen.
  • dev_kernel_grub.img ->This is the bootable image file.

3.0 Building the project

3.1 Preparation

  Before you start the compilation process you have to perform the following: 

  1. Open you projects folder on a new window.
  2. Open dev_kernel_grub.img with UltraISO.
  3. If you have created a virtual machine, open Virtual PC Console.

3.2 Compilation

To compile the project switch to Visual Studio and press F7 to build.

In the Output window you can see if a problem occurs while compiling.

If everything was correct, in you projects folder you should be able to see a file named "kernel.bin".

Drug and drop this file into the UltraISO window and  click "Yes to all" on the small window which should appear. Then press Ctrl + S.

3.3 Booting COSAOS

3.3.1 Booting on real hardware

To boot on a real computer simply burn dev_kernel_grub.img on a floppy disk and boot from it.

3.3.2 Booting on a virtual computer

To boot on a virtual computer with Microsoft Virtual PC boot from the floppy image dev_kernel_grub.img

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